Virtus Diagnostics has four key laboratories on the east coast of Australia. After collection, specimens are transported securely and safely to one of these laboratories for processing by our expert team of scientists and pathologists:

Sydney (Hurstville)

Virtus Diagnostics processes general pathology at its Southern Sydney laboratory.  This laboratory (formerly Independent Diagnostics Services - IDS) is led by Pathologist Dr Tony Stoloff.  Tony has over 30 years’ experience in healthcare. Tony and his team have expertise in haematology, microbiology, biochemistry, serology and immunology pathology services and are available to provide additional result interpretation if needed.

Sydney (Greenwich)

In the heart of the Northshore Medical District, Virtus Diagnostics’ Northern Sydney laboratory performs endocrinology, serology, andrology and Natural Killer Cells analysis. This laboratory was established in its own purpose built building in 2005.


Virtus Diagnostics provides endocrinology, serology, andrology, haematology and genetic analysis at its East Melbourne laboratory. 

This is one of Australia’s leading Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) laboratories, responsible for a number of significant achievements in the area of reproductive health. Most recently they were the first laboratory in Australia to offer karyomapping – a highly sophisticated scientific technique to test embryos for the presence of a single gene disorder.

Virtus’ PGD program is led by Dr Sharyn Stock-Myer, who has worked for Virtus Diagnostics for over a decade. Dr Stock-Myer has a doctorate in Human Genetics and has developed more than 120 specific single gene tests and helped hundreds of couples avoid the transmission of a serious genetic condition to their children.


Virtus Diagnostics’ Brisbane laboratory provides endocrinology, serology, andrology, cytogenetics and molecular genetics analysis, and will be providing a full range of general pathology testing.

Karyotype analysis, performed at the Brisbane laboratory, determines the number of chromosomes in the cells and whether there are any pieces of chromosomal material that are missing, extra or rearranged. Any variation from the normal chromosome number and arrangement can have implications for a person's fertility and the risk for having a baby with birth defects.

Sperm FISH is also available for identifying aneuploidy (an abnormal number of chromosomes in a cell) and male translocation carriers. This assists doctors in proving an explanation for recurrent implantation failure or miscarriage.

Molecular Genetic analysis includes single gene Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), PreConception Screening and a Fertility Panel. The scientific team are also leading experts within Australia in Cystic Fibrosis testing.

Dr Nicole Martin is the Chief Scientist at our Brisbane laboratory and has been in this position since 2003. Nicole has over 35 years’ experience in scientific leadership roles within the genetics field, and teaches final year Medical students at The University of Queensland.  She has over 30 publications in peer reviewed journals covering infertility, paediatric cytogenetic and genetic cases as well as prenatal diagnosis.