Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

Virtus Diagnostics provides a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT)  Panorama

Panorama is the only NIPT test currently offered in Australia that distinguishes between maternal and fetal DNA.

Panorama is the only NIPT test that can identify vanishing twins, maternal mosaicism, molar pregnancy and triploidy.

Panorama NIPT is now also offered for twins, donor eggs and surrogates.

The Panorama NIPT test can be done as early as 9 weeks’ gestation.

Panorama has a clinical sensitivity of 90% for 22q11.2 in true pregnancy plasma samples

Test FeatureClinical SignificancePanoramaHarmony
Trisomies 21, 18, 13Identifies risk for common aneuploidies
Sex chromosomesIdentifies risk for sex chromosome abnormalities
Fetal fraction measurement
and reporting
Indicates whether sufficient fetal DNA is present to
make an accurate assessment
22q11.2 deletion syndromeIdentifies risk for the most common
microdeletion syndrome
Clinical sensitivity 90%
Clinical sensitivity 71.4%
Extended microdeletion panel
(22q11.2 deletion Angelman, PraderWilli,
1p36 deletion, Cri-du-chat)
Identifies risk for serious genetic conditions that
often go undetected
22q11.2 only offered
TriploidyIdentifies risk for potentially severe
medical complications
Vanishing twinDetects common cause of false positive
Maternal mosaicism
Reduces false positive results due to maternal
chromosomal changes
No errors in fetal sex calls
in validation studies
Minimizes discordance with ultrasound
SNP-based risk assessment
for chromosome conditions
Identifies risk with higher accuracy than counting
Zygosity results for twinsAllows alignment between ultrasound findings
for chorionicity and early and accurate zygosity
dizygotic twinsreported
Provides information to help clinicians evaluate NIPT
results and assess the pregnancy
Fetal sex for each twinProvides patients and clinicians with complete fetal
sex information

NIPT Panorama is not covered by Medicare

  • Basic Panel (T21, T13, T18, X&Y, Triploidy) $435
  • Basic Panel + 22q11.2 Deletion $510
  • Extended Panel (includes Basic Panel+ 22q11.2 deletion, Prader-Willi, Angelman, 1p36 deletion, and Cri-duChat $635

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